Alliance with Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira

The Teaching-Service relationship between Fundación Valle del Lili and UTP University, in order to harmoniously fulfill the parties’ activities, ensuring, by this means, the improvement of the quality of Education at the University and of health services at the Foundation.

These activities involve the rational use of facilities, equipment and infrastructure during students’ academic practices, in order for them to be certified in Medical-Surgical Postgraduate programs at the university, promoting healthcare activities development at the Foundation according to every student’s modules, internships or subjects. This partnership is intended to provide support for healthcare or technical-administrative activities with students during their internship development, according to each program and helping to improve the quality of care.


  • Specialization in Internal Medicine.
  • Specialization in Critical Medicine and Intensive Care.
  • Specialization in Psychiatry.
  • Specialization in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging.

More Agreements

  • The purpose of this partnership is establishing a basis for cooperation and coordination with the University of Antioquia
  • The partnership with SENA is governed by a Teaching and Service master agreement.
  • Functional relation established between Fundación Valle del Lili, Funandina University, the Educational Institutions and others...